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Still have some questions?

We do our best to make Repfinesse easy to use. But the process of generating can be a little difficult to grasp. To help out, we’ve answered some of the most common questions asked by our customers.

We currently accept PayPal and all Credit/Debit cards(via PayPal), Bitcoin and
Account top ups via PayPal/ are instant
Our codes don't expire, so they are good for as long as you want.
Receipts are sent as soon as you click the 'generate' button. Sometimes, they are caught in a spam filter, so just make sure you check your spam folder too.
Not at all. There are many valid reasons why you might want to create a receipt using our generators. Fake receipts can be used to flex fake goods to give off the impression of being rich, or they might be used as an example image in an article or lesson. It only becomes a problem if you attempt to use a fake receipt to defraud someone and for that we take no responsibility. The way you use any tool like this is entirely up to you.

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